Cuba Libre – Ernest Hemingway and The Tropicana

This is Chapter 2 of the story of our Cuban Tour. We had one more day in Havana before we left for the Vinales Valley.  This gave us the opportunity to visit Finca Vigia, the home of Ernest Hemingway in San Francisco de Paula, just outside Havana.  The house is now a museum in his memory.  There were not that many tourist visitors, however they still managed to get in the way of the photo opportunities.  Here are a few shots just to prove that we were there.


The front doorbell at Finca Vigia.


A few of Hemingway’s hunting trophies.  The house was full of them.


Hemingway’s room in the watchtower, framed by the smiles of the girls that kept it clean and tidy.  Not too difficult today, I would have thought.


The pool has seen better days.


Hemingway’s boat, Pilar.

We also visited Cojimar, a small fishing village where he kept Pilar.

Cojimar Bay

This is a view of the tranquil bay at Cojimar.
Village houses in Cojimar


These are some of the old village houses.  This one could be describes as having development potential with roadside parking.

El Castillo

And this is El Castillo de Cojimar.

On this last night in Havana we were booked to go to the famous Tropicana nightclub.  Not cheap, but it had to be done.  I knew that this was going to be a photographic challenge as I had no idea where we would be sitting relative to the show.  In fact, I wondered whether it would be worth taking a camera and paying for the necessary camera pass.  I decided that it would be worth a go and these are a few of the results.



Purple Blur
The Tropicana

The Best Seats



On the next day we were due to leave for the Vinales Valley and I will pick this up in the next chapter of the Cuba Libre story.


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