The end of an era!

The end of an era!
The old Western Gazette building in Yeovil, up for sale 105 years after it was completed.

Since I am still learning about all aspects of WordPress blogging, I thought I would try to see whether I could blog a photo directly from Flickr.

I thought I would try this one of the old Western Gazette building in Yeovil. I took the photo just after it was put on the market in February, No sign of any takers yet. I expect it will become still more ‘flats’ in the end, which will be a real shame.

3 thoughts on “The end of an era!

    • Thanks for your comment bercton. As I said, this post was really an experiment in using the various blogging tools at my disposal.

      However, I am genuinely sad to see so many of our iconic buildings developed with the primary purpose of producing more and more flats and apartment blocks. When this happens the historic buildings seem to loose their character completely.

      What you cannot see in this photo is the other, less attractive commercial buildings, alongside and behind the Western Gazette Building. These have been ‘up for development’ for some time. I loose track of how many years but I’m sure the current economic situation is to blame for that. I believe that it is inevitable that, in the end, they will all be turned into flats. I just hope that this can be done sympathetically, although I have my doubts.

      On the plus side, the demolition did give me a chance a couple of years back to try some urban HDR photography. Perhaps I’ll try blogging that across from Flickr some time.


  1. The economic situation plays a critical role in the development and maintenance of historic and iconic buildings but surely there must be standards and building regulations to preserve to Historic heritage.


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