Not many people read my blog. This is not really a surprise to me, but I do still enjoy writing it anyway, as it gives me the chance to revisit photographs from the past.

I know that I should really be continuing with my Cuba story, but I still need to choose some suitable shots and upload them.  Since I am currently packing for an upcoming trip to Maine, New England, to visit my grandchildren, the Cuba story will have to wait for a few weeks.  Instead, I thought I would blog some photos already on Flickr.

Here is the first.  This hibiscus flower immediately struck me with its beauty when I saw it in Costa Rica a few years ago.  At least Cuba has a similar climate to Costa Rica, so there are lots of hibiscus in Cuba as well.  Anyway, I liked this shot.


This was shot using a 70-300mm on my Olympus E-520, demonstrating that it can be a really good lens for macro and close up work.


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