A little from the Okavango Delta, Botswana

Apologies, but I know that this is really disjointed.  We are just back from visiting our oldest son and his family in Maine but I have not had time to sort out our images from that trip yet.  I also know that I should be continuing with our Cuba story, but I haven’t yet had time to upload any more images from that trip either.  When all else fails and I feel the urge to blog, I have to fall back on a few images that are already on Flickr.

Tori and Robin, our hosts at the James Place Inn, Freeport ME told us that they are off to Africa next year for a holiday.  They are great hosts by the way, and I can recommend their B&B, especially Robin’s breakfast.

Anyway, this reminded me that I could show some images from our trips to Africa, so to fill a gap here are a few from Botswana.


This Dragonfly was taken with a 70-300 mm lens on my Olympus E-520.  Not a great shot, but it shows the versatily of this lens for macro images.  This was at the Pom Pom camp in the Okavango Delta.

African Fish Eagle in Okavango Delta

This African Fish Eagle was also taken with the same lens, but this time showing what that lens is more likely to be used for.  This was taken from a Mokoro canoe, again in the Okavango Delta.

Mokoro Canoe

The last image for today is of two of our travelling companions and their guide in a Mokoro canoe.  I had worried a little about taking my newly purchased kit in one of these boats, but in fact they proved to be very stable on the calm waters of the Delta, at least as long as a Hippo didn’t show an interest.

I’ve got many more images of this holiday, not yet uploaded to Flickr.  Maybe this trip will be a future project.


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