Cuba Libre – To Cienfuegos

I’m sorry about the delay in getting back to the Cuba Libre story.  We have been visiting family in New England and after we returned we had visitors for a few days as well as many ‘chores’ to catch up with.  Anyway, for anyone who has waited for the continuation, here we go again.

Chapter 6 of this journey sees us on our way from Havana to Cienfuegos.

As we had plenty of time on this day, we were offered an unscheduled excursion to a Steam Engine museum and a short trip on a Steam Train.  It turned out that this was to be at the now derelict Australia Sugar Mill in the Jagüey Grande area.  The railway that we were visiting was an old line used for transporting sugar cane to the mill.  Here are a few photos taken around the sugar mill and railway.
Derelict Australia Sugar Mill

Derelict Australia Sugar Mill buildings.
Old Steam Engine Museum

Old Steam Engine Museum.

Engine 1716 before tourist 'joy ride'

Engine 1716 before our ‘joy ride’.

Engine 1716

One of the ‘crew’ of Engine 1716.

We rode this train out into the local countryside, where we were fed some fruit and invited to stretch our legs and view a coconut tree climbing exhibition, serenaded by a band of course.

Engine 1716

Engine 1716 parked in the ‘countryside’.

Engine 1716

You can read about the Cuban Sugar Industry and how it was eventually dismantled here.

After lunch at a local restaurant, our journey to Cienfuegos continued, via the Bay of Pigs and the Museum of Playa Girón.  At this museum there is a great deal of information and material from and about the failed American invasion at the Bay of Pigs.  A simple Google search will also find a wealth of information about this invasion, both from American and Cuban points of view.  Well worth a read, particularly if planning to visit Cuba.

We then moved on to our Hotel in Cienfuegos.  On the way I spotted another nice example of Cuban transport, I think waiting for the agricultural workers in the fields.
The bus is waiting

On the first evening at our Hotel, there was an ‘ethnic’ dance exhibition on the terrace.  The lighting used was far from ideal for photography, but here are a few shots, including one of our party enjoying himself.

Cuban Dance Exhibition
Cuban Dance Exhibition
Cuban Dance Exhibition

Cuban Dance Exhibition

Dance On

Our time in Cienfuegos and Trinidad will be covered in following chapters.


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