The Bermondsey Street Festival 2011

Last weekend, Dee and I went up to London to visit the Bermondsey Street Festival.  We did this partly to support our son Greg, who had been a member of the organising committee, with responsibility for the event website, where you can see all the good things that were going on.  With Bermondsey Street closed to traffic and things going on in the square and the park, as well as three music and performance stages, I have to say that it must have taken some organising.

As well as Greg’s involvement in the festival, our nephew Kris was to direct a piece of promenade theatre titled A Templar, a Tanner, a Taxman and Thee, which had been commissioned especially for the festival.  We also wanted to see and support this production.

I also hoped to collect a few images from the activities of the day.  I did take a few and some of these are included in this post.

The day’s plan soon went out of the window as is often the case when you are not quite sure what to expect.  After a 3 hour drive, there were two things that we needed, the second of which was a coffee.  Luckily there were lots of cafés in ‘the street’ and we were quickly able to satisfy both.

While we were sitting outside that first café, a series of people that we knew spotted us, so the ensuing conversations meant that we were there for rather longer than planned.

By the time we had found Greg and said hello, we had missed the start of the first performance of a Templar, a Tanner, a Taxman and Thee, so we ambled around taking in the atmosphere of the event and trying to get something to eat before the fashion show, which Dee wanted to catch.

I know the last two were not part of the festival.  Sorry!

Lazy Susan

I’m really disappointed with my shots of the fashion show.  I know that I could have done better.  It started to go wrong when we just went for the nearest seats, not knowing the route that the models were going to take.  It then became evident that I would have to move, to get even half reasonable shots.  Any small photographic competence which I may have had then deserted me completely and I couldn’t get my flash to produce the results I wanted.  Not wanting to miss the whole show, I reverted to available light for the remainder.

There should have been plenty of time to catch the second performance of the promenade theatre, but of course the fashion show started late, so we had to nip off a little early and rush down to the square.  You should read the programme for A Templar, a Tanner, a Taxman and Thee to understand what the production was about.  I think that ideally, the audience should have tried to follow all three performances, choosing a different character to follow in each one.  We didn’t do this, but still thoroughly enjoyed the performance that we did follow.

I should probably apologise to Kris and the cast for not giving it my full attention, as with a camera in my hand, I was suffering the occasional distraction for a potential photographic moment.  I will say though, that the production was very well done, and hope that something similar can be done again next year.

As far as the music and performance stages were concerned, there was something for everyone.  Admittedly not everything was to our taste, but as there was a complete cross section of the population at the festival, I think the balance of performances was excellent.

Mariah Wade

Jess Bryant

Jemma Bicknell Dance Company.  Greg’s somewhere at the bottom of the pile.

Daisy Kelly-Granger

We didn’t have time to take in the Dog Show but this little fellow looks like he may have won some prizes.

The weather was great and we thoroughly enjoyed the day.  As expected, we didn’t get to see much of Greg, because he seemed to be continually in demand to solve people’s problems.  Still we did see him a bit and he seemed to be enjoying the day himself.  Perhaps the close proximity of a couple of pubs to the Performance Stage also helped.

Thanks to both Greg and Kris for encouraging us to go, and well done.


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