Cuba Libre – Cienfuegos

Chapter 7 of the Cuba Libre story sees us enjoying our first full day in the Cienfuegos area.  After breakfast we made our way to the jetty by the hotel, where our ‘Cruise around the Bay’ was to start.  In the hotel grounds there was this beautiful tree with Powder Puff flowers.
Powder Puff Flower

Our cruise boat arrives.
Cruise Boat Arriving

We can now look back at the Jagua Hotel, before continuing to see the sights around the Cienfuego Bay.
Jagua Hotel
Marker in the bay
Just fishing

Just fishing!
Fisherman's House
Castillo de Jagua

Castillo de Jagua, which was a Spanish fort built in the 1740s.
Pumping out

Using a very crude homemade pump for bailing his boat.
Green Boat
Waterside Grazing

Waterside grazing.
Oil Refinery

This is the big oil refinery at the head of the bay.

After the bay cruise, we spent time in the centre of Cienfuegos.
Cienfuegos Street Art
Come and Get It

He’s thinking about taking up the offer on her tee shirt.
No escape from The Stones

No escape from The Stones.
Cienfuegos Street Market
You've been Tangoed

In the words from the advert for a well known orange drink, ‘You’ve been Tangoed’.
Cienfuegos Bandstand

A bandstand on the edge of Parque Marti.
Catedral de la Purisima Concepcion

Catedral de la Purisima Concepcion from Parque Marti.
Palacio de Valle

Palacio de Valle.
Old Chevrolet
Cream Hibiscus
Pink Car
Never commisioned

Thankfully, this nuclear power station, built by the Russians, was abandoned and will not be commissioned.

Tomorrow we visit Trinidad and that will be the subject of the next Chapter of the Cuba Libre story.


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