Online Photo Competitions

I was reading the weekly Digital Photography School Tips newsletter, and one of the tips was titled ‘Key Tips to Winning a Photography Contest‘.  I have very occasionally entered online photo challenges in the past, in fact, much to my surprise, I actually won one on a while back.  Photo challenges are great for inspiring you to photographic action but although you get a lot of satisfaction from getting a result, there is normally no reward other than this satisfaction.  The idea of entering a competition with a prize did, I admit, have a certain appeal, though I suspect that my chances of winning are similar to those of winning the national lottery, and no skill is required for that.

Well I thought I would give it a try anyway.  There are loads of photo competitions online and many of them are free to enter.  The article, however, made reference to one that I hadn’t come across before, ‘May The Best Photo Win‘, so I decided to enter an image in their October competition.

Some competitions are judged by expert judges and some are judged, based on votes from site visitors.  May the Best Photo Win falls into the latter category.  The article that started this folly points out that to have the best chance of winning in these circumstances, it is necessary to actively promote one’s entry.  This is something that I am not naturally inclined to.  Maybe readers of my blog could see their way fit to vote for my entry, but then, with my readership that’s not going to get me many votes, even if they like it.  Facebook might be the answer, but I’m not much use at that either.  Perhaps I can call all my friends and family, but they might want me to split any winnings, and since 1st place wins $100 and 2nd place wins $50, it would end up being spread a bit thinly.

Enough waffle!  Please go to ‘May the Best Photo Win’ and, if you like it, vote for my photo, which is on this page.  Note that the thumbnail does not show the whole image.

Thai Tastes Triptych

I chose this triptych as the three images recently served me well in our Camera Club print portfolio competition.  Whether it will be the ‘cup of tea’ of blog readers and site visitors is a different matter.  I took these shots because I like Thai cooking and these are three essential ingredients of one of the Thai recipes that I use a lot.  The subject matter was, therefore, readily available.

Thanks for reading this, and voting of course, but I suspect that the winner will have a better image and certainly have a lot more Facebook friends.


6 thoughts on “Online Photo Competitions

  1. I like your triptych a lot.

    Online competitions are great, because they encourage me to do more photography. Having a ‘task’ set is a great motivator (for me, anyway).


    • Thanks Mike. I agree with the value of having a set ‘motivator’. Our local Camera Club comps have a similar affect. The problem is, that it’s difficult to find the time when you are retired!


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