Cuba Libre – Trinidad

Trinidad de Cuba is the subject of most of Chapter 8 of the Cuba Libre story.

Trinidad has been a UNESCO World heritage site since 1988, so some money is being put into restoration of this rather lovely colonial city.  As a result, much of the old city is well preserved, although some of the non tourist areas are a bit run down.

We spent most of the day in Trinidad and here are some photos from that time.

Trinidad residential street

This first photo, taken from the bus as we arrived, shows a residential road on the outskirts of the city.  The second shot is also taken from the bus as we approach the centre of the city, where we were to begin our walking your.

Trinidad street

Even though it was fairly early, it was pretty darned hot as we started our walk through the cobbled streets of the city.  At this stage, apart from our group, there were not many tourist around.

Home delivery?


It probably makes sense to push the bike over these cobbles as I bet it would be a bit of a boneshaker to ride.

Bodega Doorway

The last image is a glimpse in through the door of one of the bodegas, or ration shops, and the next three are of the inside of another similar bodega.  In these image we can see something of the types of goods that can be purchase against a Cuban ration book.
Pizarra de Productos
Productos Industriales

Trinidad has quite few art galleries and shops.  Some of these can be seen below.
Art Shop
Art Gallery
Green Barrotes

The barrotes or window bars seen throughout Trinidad do not have glass behind them, thus allowing air to circulate throughout the buildings.  I believe that the wooden barrotes date back to the 18th century, but have progressively been replaced since then by iron ‘grills’.  In this photo, wooden shutters can also be seen behind the barrotes.

The Band Plays

The band plays.
The Ladies Shop

The ladies shop.
Art Gallery

Another art gallery.
Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor.
The Church of the Holy Trinity

The Church of the Holy Trinity and Plaza Mayor, followed by a selection of Trinidad rooftops.
Viva Fidel
Trinidad View
Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco

Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco and a couple more shots that caught my eye before leaving Trinidad.

La Libra
Yellow Wheelbarrow

When we got back to Cienfuegos, it was straight out for a drink.

The before and after of a Mojito at a little bar that we found in a park not far from our hotel.  The sharp eyed will notice that it wasn’t the same Mojito.
No Mojito

And since all days should end with a sunset, here is a post Mojito sunset on our way back to the hotel.
Cienfuegos Sunset

Next time, we will be off towards our final stop on this holiday, via the town of Santa Clara, the last resting place of Che Guevara.  Please come back soon and take a look.


2 thoughts on “Cuba Libre – Trinidad

    • Thanks for continuing to follow me. I appreciate it. Just a couple more posts to come covering Cuba. Then I think I will move on to covering some of the sights and wildlife of Zambia and Botswana. I hope that this will continue to interest you.

      There should also be a few ‘odds and ends’.


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