Zambia and Botswana – In the Footsteps of Livingstone

Dee and I went on a holiday to Zambia and Botswana in October 2008, a holiday which the tour operator grandly called “In the Footsteps of Livingstone”.  It was hard to believe that this trip could possibly do justice to the experiences of this famous explorer and indeed I am sure that this was the case.  Dr Livingstone must have experienced many trials and tribulations preparing for his travels though, and one problem that we had was the tour operator screwing up the booking of this holiday, and having to shorten it by a day because they didn’t book the return flight properly.  On this trip they led us, and most of our travel companions, a ‘merry dance’ during the weeks before we were to depart.  Thankfully though, they now seem to have overcome these problems, and recently our holiday arrangements with them have been better managed.

Regardless of these problems, this holiday was the best travel experience that we had ever had up until then, and it still ranks right at the top.

Over the coming weeks I plan to use this blog to show images which will, I hope, give you some idea of why we enjoyed the trip so much.  I don’t know how it will evolve yet.  It may not be a rigid chronology of the tour.  I may just ‘dip in’ to my photo archive in a slightly random manner.  We’ll see!

This introductory post is just to give an idea of how the trip was structured.  We should have had 10 days in Africa, but as already mentioned, this was cut to 9 days.  One thing that made it good for us was that we spent the time in two centres, rather than travelling every day.  This meant that we managed to do two game drives or excursions on most days, making much better use of our time.

We started with 3 days at the Victoria Falls in Livingstone, Zambia.  After this we moved on, across the Zambezi River to the Chobe Game Reserve in northern Botswana, and on one day flew down for a day in the Okavango Delta.  More of this later.

This post finishes with a slightly, or even very, tacky photo of our welcome reception at the Zambezi Sun Hotel, Livingstone, where we were to spend the first few days.

Zambezi Sun Welcome

Watch this space for some more interesting posts and some much more interesting wildlife images.


2 thoughts on “Zambia and Botswana – In the Footsteps of Livingstone

  1. It may be kitsch, but it’s their kitsch so I think the photo is great as it shows exactly what we could expect if we did the same kind of trip (which I totally plan to do one day when my kids are old enough to enjoy it).


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