Zambia – Zambezi Sun

During our stay in Zambia, we were staying at the Zambezi Sun Hotel.  Sadly, this hotel was the poor relation to the 5 star Royal Livingstone next door.  Never mind, we were only here for 3 nights and the hotel was comfortable enough.

There were armed guards stationed around the outside dining areas, but these ‘armed guards’ were armed only with catapults, and were there to keep the rather cheeky Vervet Monkeys from stealing food from the guests.  These little devils would sit in strategic positions, waiting for guests to take their eyes off their food, then they would pounce.  This was a serious problem at breakfast, where they had a particular taste for muffins, probably because they were easy to grab.  It was quite amusing to watch, as long as it was not your breakfast.  There were many Vervet Monkeys living in the hotel grounds and generally they were no problem, but it was important to keep your room doors and windows closed, otherwise they could be a little ‘light fingered’.

Here is one ‘on patrol’.

Monkey Business

The grounds of the hotel were quite delightful.  There were steel sculptures of many different animals, as well as a good population of the real thing.


These were being driven through the garden  towards the Royal Livingstone by one of the gardeners.  Presumably he thought that they had done a good enough job cutting the grass at the Zambezi Sun.

We were not inclined to take too much notice of the sign below, probably because, with the adjacent ‘tin croc’ we thought it was a joke.  When one of the gardeners asked whether we had seen any crocodiles, we just smiled politely at him.

Beware of Crocodiles

We knew that there was an electric fence between the hotel and the river, so we really didn’t expect to see the real thing in the gardens, even though there were many very pretty ponds around them.


One of our fellow guests, however, had a real shock as he was standing by one of these ponds, watching Weaver Birds building their nests, when there was a flurry of activity close to him, and a small crocodile popped up out of the water.  We guess that it must have been small enough to get under the fence.  Anyway, we should have believed the signs.

This video offers further evidence of the truth of this story.

Please come back soon for more words and images from Zambia and eventually, Botswana.  The first post in this series can be found here.


3 thoughts on “Zambia – Zambezi Sun

  1. I love the story of the monkeys. Sounds entertaining. We once vacationed in Fiji and the animal we had to watch out for was the moths. They were about 5-6cm across and loved to land in the middle of your dinner and on the edge of your wine.


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