Zambia – Victoria Falls

When travelling to Africa, one of the first questions that needs to be answered is when should you go.  Dee and I particularly like the wildlife viewing, so choosing the best time for spotting animals is a priority.  This normally means going during the ‘dry season’ because then the animals will be at the waterholes and rivers.  This was the basis for choosing October for this trip, and we will get to the wildlife eventually, I promise.

The trouble with this decision, was that we knew that the Victoria Falls would not live up to their full glory during the dry season.  I’m sure that most people already know that David Livingstone named the Falls in honour of Queen Victoria. The indigenous African name for the falls is Mosi-oa-Tunya, meaning ‘Smoke that Thunders’, but when we were there they were hardly thundering.  Lots more information on the falls can be found on Wikipedia.

On the plus side, we could walk around the falls without getting ourselves or our cameras wet, and the falls are still pretty impressive.  Just not the full spectacle that some people might expect.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

This statue of the explorer, David Livingstone can be seen on the Zambian side of the falls, a short walk from the Zambezi Sun Hotel.

David Livingstone

A pair of modern day explorers at the falls, well, maybe tourists.  To us it was of course exploration, even though things were not quite as tough as they had been for Livingstone.

Dee and Dave

I have many more photos taken around the falls, but as it was the dry season, none are spectacular.  I can only suggest taking a look to see what the web can offer.

I’ll be back soon with another post from Zambia, or maybe somewhere else as well.

The first post in this series can be found here.


3 thoughts on “Zambia – Victoria Falls

  1. Some great shots of the falls, I haven’t visited them in the dry season but would like to. When I was there in February my brand new 550D got a bit too wet and decided to stop working for a few days leaving me with just a point and shoot for the rest of my trip.


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