Autumn Colours

It’s that time of year when everyone goes out looking for the best colours of autumn, and there is a rush of new photographs appearing online.  At the risk of boring people, I guess that I might as well join in the fun.

This year’s search for colour took us to Forde Abbey, near Chard in Somerset.  The weather was a bit drab but there was a 2 for 1 coupon in the local paper.  As you can see from the following photographs, there was a bit of colour about but the grey and uninteresting sky did spoil it somewhat.  It may be better in a few days time, but with the winds that we are getting at the moment we may be looking at bare branches soon.

Forde Abbey 1

Forde Abbey 2

Forde Abbey 3

Although Forde Abbey yielded some quite pleasant colours, apart from a nice lunch, which included a really good selection of their ‘home grown’ vegetables, I’m not that pleased with the results of the trip.  Actually, their plant sales are also quite good value, so we were tempted into a small purchase there.

Much closer to home, is Sherborne Castle and Lake, where we went looking for autumn colours a couple of years ago.  These next few images are from that visit, which did also benefit from a bit more sunshine.

I thought then, and I still think, that Sherborne Castle with its parkland and lake is perhaps the most photogenic autumn colours location that I know in the South West of England.

Sherborne Castle 1

With the raking autumn sunlight that we enjoyed that day it was hard not to appreciate the views.

Sherborne Castle 2

The Sherborne Castle Estate has worked hard at introducing plenty of ‘reds’ into their landscape, the maple sapling shown below being just one example of their efforts.

Sherborne Castle 3

Somehow, I think the blue in the sky, and reflected in the water, really enhances the colour in the trees.

Sherborne Castle 4

Then of course there is the lake itself, with the ability to produce some pretty good reflections, even though the autumn breeze destroyed the potential for a perfect mirror surface.

Sherborne Castle 5

Sherborne Castle 6

As I was framing the last image, I heard the unmistakable sound of approaching swans in flight.  I tried, but by the time I could get the camera onto them, the perfect framing opportunity had been lost.

Sherborne Castle 7

Sherborne Castle 8
For me, the last few images show that some great autumn colours are often available very close to home.

The next couple of shots were taken last year in Melbury Park, Dorset.  This is another example of opportunity that can be found close to home.

Autumn Colours
Autumn Sunlight

Late Autumn Sun

Although there is no abundance of red evident in these pictures, the low raking autumn sun still brings out the natural colours of the landscape, and the sky can also be pretty good.

It’s a shame that this autumn has not yet yielded any truly great colours for me.  If the next week or two changes that, then I will try to share any images that result.


8 thoughts on “Autumn Colours

    • Thank you. I agree that the image you preferred was the best of my efforts from last weekend. I was still a bit disappointed overall with the colours though.

      Thanks again for looking and commenting.


    • Thank you kindly. I was a little disappointed with the other shots from Forde Abbey though, and I haven’t had much chance to get other autumn images this year, so had to resort to older photos.


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