Zambia – Zambezi Sunset Cruise

Whilst in Zambia, and included in our holiday, was a Sunset Cruise on the Zambezi river.  This took place at the end of our second day at the Victoria Falls.

At the appointed hour, we all trooped down to the landing stage to embark on our ‘cruise boat’.  With no idea of which way the boat would be pointing when the sun went down, we settled for trying to find some seats by a rail on the upper deck.  Then we sat back and enjoyed the included Gin and Tonics.

Since you may, or may not, be enjoying G&Ts while you wait for the sunset, I’ve included a few images for you to look at while you wait.

These local boys were sitting close to the landing stage, watching the world go by.

Zambezi Boys

And looking downstream from the boat we saw these elephants in the distance.

Elephant Crossing

Just to give some idea about our boat, it was similar to the African Princess seen in the following picture.  If I remember rightly, the yellow inflatable was being paddled by members of the Zambezi Rowing Club, at least I think that is what they were called.  I’ve never seen such uncoordinated paddling.

Zambezi Rowing Club

Now we move on to the sunsets.

Sunset over the Zambezi

Sunset over the Zambezi

Sunset over the Zambezi

This last one is rather colder than I remember it, but I am not really sure.

That’s it for Zambezi sunsets but there will be more sunsets from other locations as the trip progresses.  Actually, there may be one more to come from the Zambezi.  Please come back again to see more of Zambia before we move on into Botswana.  The first post in this series can be found here.


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