Botswana – Arrival at the Chobe Safari Lodge.

We have now left our hotel at The Victoria Falls and are travelling to Botswana, where we will be staying at the Chobe Safari Lodge.  After a 70 km coach journey we arrived at the Kazungula Ferry crossing of the Zambezi river.  This ferry is incredibly busy, with a continuous stream of vehicles to be carried across.  Luckily, we do not need to rely on the ferry.  Instead we cross, in batches, in a small motorboat which can be seen in the next two photos, carrying all our luggage and a few of our tour party.

It’s worth saying that four countries almost meet at a point in the middle of the Zambezi.  Our border crossing from Zambia to Botswana is here, but from the middle of the river it is also possible to see the Caprivi Strip of Namibia as well as Zimbabwe.

Zambezi Crossing 1

Zambezi Crossing 2

The next ferry from Botswana to Zambia can be seen loading on the opposite bank.

Zambezi Crossing 3

Dugout Canoe

There were quite a few of these dugout canoes being paddled around close to the crossing point.

The Zambezi Shore

This is the Zambia side of the river.  We are still waiting for the boat to come back for us.

The Ferry

Here comes the well loaded ferry, with a reception of dugout canoes also seen in the next few pictures.

The Ferry 2

Dugout on the Zambezi

The Ferry

Botswana Shore

At last we have been collected and are approaching the Botswana shore, where we can see our bus and luggage trailer.  It took us a while to get across, quite a while including border formalities, but spare a thought for the other vehicles and lorries trying to cross on the ferry.  On our return journey, we discovered that the queue for the ferry could be so long that it would take several days, maybe a week even, to get across.  The drivers would sleep with their trucks while they waited.

Waterfront Mall

We are now arriving at Kasane and our Lodge is just around to the left of this intersection.  What you see ahead of you is a Botswana style ‘out of town’ shopping mall, the centre of which is Choppies Supermarket.  In truth, there wasn’t much else there apart from a money exchange.  The town of Kasane is off to the right and within walking distance.

View from our room

Having arrived at the Chobe Safari Lodge, we just had time for a quick photo of the grounds from our balcony, before meeting the rest of the group at the river for our first ‘river safari’.  The river is just behind the trees and some older accommodation bungalows that are mixed in with them.

The Dining Room

This is a view of the dining area, taken on our way to the boat.

The remainder of our holiday will be based here at the Chobe River, with frequent game drives and waterborne river safaris.  Our time during a day in the Okavango Delta will also be included.  From now on, therefore, this story will include a fair few wildlife pictures, so if you are interested in these please come back soon.  It is going to be fun.

A link to the start of this story can be found here.


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