An experiment in black and white

In a previous post, ‘Why Blog?‘, I mentioned that one good reason for a blogging presence was the inspiration that can come from reading the posts of other blogging photographers.

One photographer that I find inspiring is Adrian Lewis of FATman Photos.  I found him so inspiring that I decided to follow his blog regularly, though I doubt that I will ever be able to match his talent.  One image that he posted recently was a dramatic black and white silhouette of Glastonbury Tor.  I hope he doesn’t mind me referring to it.

I’ve often liked silhouettes produced by others, but I have rarely tried to produce them myself.  After seeing his, I remembered a recent image that I took as a HDR image and I started to think that if I took the most under exposed of the bracketed set I might have a good basis for a dramatic black and white silhouette, even though I didn’t plan it that way.  The original image was produced mainly for the sky, though I was also pleased with how the distant landscape came out.  That image was featured in an earlier post of mine, “Thanks for the Walkabout”, but I have included it again in this post, together with a black and white version of the HDR image, so that they can all be compared.  All images have also been cropped slightly from the original on the advice of a recent judging in a club competition.

Memorial Silhouette

Attempt at a dramatic silhouette.

Memorial Sunset

Original Colour HDR,

Memorial Sunset

Black and white version of the HDR image.

Now I am faced with a new problem.  I don’t know which I prefer.  I think I still like the HDR versions best.  Maybe I should lighten the sky a bit more in the silhouette, but I’m not very good at Post Processing.  I should practice more, but time often stops me.

Would anyone like to state a preference?

The HDR image was made with Photomatix and everything else was done in Lightroom.  Photos were taken with an Olympus E-30, 12-60 mm lens.

My mature years do seem to make me a bit slow on the uptake.  Having thought about it as I am writing this, maybe I should have chosen the middle exposure image to get the sky looking right and then darkened everything else.  Perhaps I will try that when I get time.

In the meantime, I also need to get back to my ‘snapshots’ of Botswana.


6 thoughts on “An experiment in black and white

  1. Dave, thank you very much for your very kind words – and also for giving me this promotion on your blog!!! I certainly don’t mind you referring to my blog or giving links to pictures of mine – I don’t mind at all, and if there’s anything else I can do, questions you may have, opinions wanted etc etc >>> you only have to ask. Thanks again. Adrian


    • Thank you Adrian, and thank you for your offer of help. Feel free to pass opinion whenever you like. I can only find it constructive. I’m sure I will continue to find your pictures inspiring, though at my age I don’t expect ever to improve much on my current standard. Thanks again. Dave


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