Sherborne Castle Lake Fireworks

I don’t suppose that November 5th fireworks really warrant a post.  Fireworks photos can get a bit boring, unless of course they are taken in some amazing location.  Mine weren’t this year, or come to think of it, any other year.  But it was Saturday night and there was nothing on TV, so we made a spontaneous decision to visit a local organised firework display at Sherborne Castle, and I can’t go somewhere like that without a camera.

When I say that it wasn’t an amazing location, it’s pretty good compared with some.  At least Sherborne Castle has a lake, which can be good for reflections.  A pity about the breeze rippling the water but you can’t have everything.

Sherborne Castle Lake can also be very good for Autumn Colours, which can be seen in an earlier post called, unsurprisingly, ‘Autumn Colours’.

But we digress.  The subject of this post is ‘Fireworks’, so here are a few of my efforts from last night.  At least the wind was blowing in the right direction.

Fireworks 1

Fireworks 2

Fireworks 3

Fireworks 4

Fireworks 5

Fireworks 6

Fireworks 7

Fireworks 8

Fireworks 9

Fireworks 10

Fireworks 11

Fireworks 12

Fireworks 13

Fireworks 14

Fireworks 15

Fireworks 16

I never know how to get the best out of firework photos.  In the absence of any particular landscape or architectural features to bring out, I tend to think that it’s best to emphasise the colours and beauty of the fireworks themselves.  That is the way these have been presented at the moment.  There are a few interesting trees buried in there somewhere and it might be worth trying to emphasise these trees a bit more.  I need to work on my PP skills a bit though, before I can do that.

On the whole I think that the event was very well organised.  Traffic management was very good.  For the firework display itself, I wonder whether it would have been possible to match the background music to the firework display a bit better.  I know it wasn’t a synchronised firework/music event, but several people remarked that the DJ could have done a better job in choosing music to match the fireworks.  In his defence though, this can be very much a matter of personal preference.


7 thoughts on “Sherborne Castle Lake Fireworks

  1. Couldn’t resist a look at the fireworks Dave. I’ve a Guy Fawkes Day biirthday so it’s usually a good night for me. Ours are on the local beach. In the old days we had a huge bonfire to ward off the North East chills, but health n safety dispensed with that. Will get to your wildlife later


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