Chalets, Shadows and Clouds

I was just browsing through some old images that I had on Flickr, and came across this one, which I have always quite liked.

Chalets, Shadows and Clouds

I took it back in late October 2008 when Dee and I were visiting friends in Kent,  It was taken at Tankerton, near Whitstable.  At the time that I spotted the photo and took it, I was fairly pleased with it.  I liked the repetition of the shadows,  running in diagonally from the bottom left.  I thought that the perspective, with the chalets running away to a ‘disappearing point’ was pretty good as well.  Later someone pointed out that the clouds sort of mirrored the shadows as well, so all in all, I thought it was worth a stab at putting it into a competition at the local Camera Club.  I think that the judge thought it ‘not too bad’, but he wasn’t at all happy with the colour of the grass, thinking it over saturated.  My print might not have been quite like this image, but it was pretty close.  I think that the colour was actually pretty realistic, because the low afternoon sun did impart a quite yellow hue to the sunlight areas.  Maybe I should go back to B&W photography!

Chalets, Shadows and Clouds - B&W

Or maybe not!


3 thoughts on “Chalets, Shadows and Clouds

  1. I like these two, Dave. What about placing the top of the frame just above the roof line of the second chalet from the right, and the bottom of the frame 3/4 of the way up from the present frame bottom to the legs of the nearest chalet? And keep it in mono!!! This is going to produce something W-I-D-E – but what do you think? Adrian


    • Thanks Adrian. Since I originally took this photo, I have started to appreciate ‘letterbox’ formats more, and do often crop towards them. I will have a look as you suggest and maybe, if I like the result, post an update. Thanks for the feedback.

      Still not sure about B&W for this one though. I’ll maybe try both.



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