Botswana – Day 2 (Part 1)

I’m afraid that there has been a bit of a delay with this Botswana story.  My only excuse is that I have been really busy with other things. Future posts may also be a bit sporadic for a while.  I hope that readers will be patient.

During day 2 of our time in Botswana we managed to fit in both morning and afternoon vehicle borne game drives, so here are a few photos from that day, quite possibly not in chronological order.  I can remember that the first drive started pretty early and we saw the sunrise, but other than that my recollection of the day has had to fall back on the photos.

I do know that we spotted this Yellowbilled Kite pretty early, sitting patiently and keeping an eye open for breakfast.

Yellowbilled Kite

Followed by a group of Waterbuck, which are recognised by a white circle on their rump.


And some Warthogs.


The next two photos are of Redbilled Hornbills.  Not pretty birds, but quite striking.

Redbilled Hornbill

Redbilled Hornbill

Down by the river, it is possible to see large herds of animals.  Here we have a herd of Red Lechwe in the foreground with a large herd of buffalo behind them.

Buffalo and Red Lechwe Herds

As well as the raptors and rather ‘oddball’ birds like the Hornbill, there are some very pretty birds around.  One of these is the Carmine Bee-eater seen in the next two photos.  This is particularly impressive in flight, but sadly I failed to get a good shot.

Carmine Bee-eater

Carmine Bee-eater

In the next shot of a Redbilled Oxpecker tending a Buffalo we have a great example of how animals can help each other.

Buffalo with Redbilled Oxpecker

This isn’t a great shot of a male Kudu, but it is the best Kudu shot that I can offer from today.  I think the Kudu may well be my favourite antelope.  It is certainly an imposing animal.


Coffee Break

There is a very significant difference between waterborne and 4×4 borne game drives.  On four wheels it is much hotter, dustier and bumpier than on the river, however, the drivers of these vehicles certainly know their wildlife, and they also provided great coffee breaks, something that is very welcome after the heat and dust of the drive.

I think this is probably enough photos for this post, so I will cover the afternoon game drive in Part 2.  Thanks for reading, and please come back and have a look at the next instalment.

The start of this story can be found here.


8 thoughts on “Botswana – Day 2 (Part 1)

    • Thank you Adrian. I understand your nostalgia. We so much want to go back to Africa. Bye the way, feel free to quietly correct any errors I may make in identification. There are a few I’m not sure of. Dave


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