Chalets, Shadows and Clouds (Updated)

Having received some valued comment on this post I decided to follow the advice and experiment a little with different crops.  These images are the result.

Chalets, Shadows and Clouds - B&W (18x6 crop)

This first image is a literal interpretation of the advice received.  I think the 18×6 ‘letterbox’ crop works well enough, but I find the incomplete chalet on the right spoils the overall result for me.  Personally, I think that I needed to loose the right hand chalet completely, this possibly being the advice intended.  This results in the 16×7 crop shown below.

Chalets, Shadows and Clouds - B&W (16x7 crop)

I’ve also done the same crop on the colour version because I have found that a good few people opt for colour in preference to B&W.  Tradition also tends to suggest that colour is preferred for ‘beach hut’ photographs.

Chalets, Shadows and Clouds  - (16x7 crop)

Having gone through this exercise, I think I prefer the second B&W image in this series.  I would be very pleased to hear the opinions of anyone else who has looked at these two posts, so please feel free to comment.


9 thoughts on “Chalets, Shadows and Clouds (Updated)

  1. I agree re second B&W too (between the first and second). It also just occurred to me that either the color or B&W version would be a perfect banner photo if you ever want to change the current one (and this is no way meant as a negative comment on the current banner !)


    • Thanks for responding and the view regarding possible use as a header. The trouble with choosing headers is their ongoing relevance as the blog elolves. I started with one relevant to the Cuba story, then added one for Botswana and then decided to randomly cycle through these two. I absolutely agree with your suggestion, so please don’t be surprised if I follow it sometime. Thanks for the advice. Dave


  2. Oh great – instant gratification! I say I’m looking forward to your trial crops, and here they are!

    You’re absolutely right about the need to dispense with the chalet right at the right hand end – excellent! I think the 2nd b/w version here is a considerable improvement, though (a) you might bring the top frame even lower down above the roof of the 1st hut on the right (ie almost touching the roof), and (b) raise the lower frame a bit (so the proportions get nearer to those of the upper b/w picture here, which are very good), and (c) if you can, get a little more contrast into the sky, ie contrast between the sky and the clouds.

    I think the colour version looks better too.

    Good stuff, Dave! I hope my comments are useful.



    • Adrian, I’ve dropped the top frame just a little. I want to keep the ‘trim’ on the front of the first roof intact. I tried lifting the lower frame a bit, but didn’t like the way the shadow pattern was disrupted, so left it where it was. Also increased the contrast in the sky a bit, but at the cost of some noise I think. I’m not very proficient with PP, and would need to go to Photoshop to do any more so I reckon this is it for me, as least for the moment. Thanks for all your constructive comment. They have been very useful. Dave


  3. I really like the second image. It’s really quite striking! Overall, although I know what you mean with regard to people liking beach chalets in colour, I prefer the B&W versions.


  4. Very interesting post. It’s always good to learn the thinking behind the photographs. Nice crop and composition, especially in the second two shots. My favourite would be the middle one.


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