A walk by the river

In an earlier post, ‘Wrong Lens Dave‘, I showed some images where ideally I should have used a longer lens.

It was a pleasant summer’s day and we had decided to walk a part of Langport and the River Parrett that we had not explored before.  This post includes a few more images from that walk, which were probably taken with the right lens for the occasion, though of course this is always debatable.

One really nice thing about Langport is that car parking is easy, and that straight from the car park one can walk out onto the banks of the river where there is a nice open park.  We often stop here on our way home from other trips and take a short walk along the Parrett.  Usually this walk takes us to the south east, but on this day we decides to go in the opposite direction.

This is the main A378 road bridge over the Parrett and already the walk is showing some promise for photography.

River Parrett

As we crossed the road to head north on the public footpath, it was impossible for me not to ‘snap’ this old petrol pump, sitting forlornly by the main road, with no hands on its dial, and never to pump again.

Look, No Hands!

Langport lies in the heart of ‘The Somerset Levels’ and because of this, walking in the area is generally very easy.  This was only to be a fairly short walk as we didn’t have much time, but for committed walkers ‘The Parrett Trail’, some 50 miles long, is a very popular hike spread over a longer period.

As we head out of town, the first scene we get is of the railway viaduct and bridge.  This is the Langport and Castle Cary Railway and some history of this line can be found by following the link.  During this stroll, we soon get an impression of just how busy this line is.

Railway viaduct and river bridge

An east bound train,

To Paddington

followed quickly by a west bound train.

Railway viaduct

A closer look at the railway bridge over the Parrett.

Railway bridge over River Parrett

A few more shots of the river, north of the railway line.

River Parrett near Langport

River Parrett

River Parrett

Just one repeat of the images already posted in ‘Wrong Lens Dave’,

Peacock Butterfly

and one of the always photogenic bales found during the summer.

Hay bales

The walk back to the car just yielded more of the same so that’s it for this post.


6 thoughts on “A walk by the river

  1. Good pictures, Dave, especially the Peacock butterfly >>> and Langport is in my part of the world. I don’t get down to the Levels as much as I’d like to – when I do I’m usually in the Brue Valley, south of Wedmore, arond Godney, Westhay and Catcott Burtle. Adrian


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