Botswana – Day 3 (Part 4)

This short post just covers our return flight from the Okavango Delta.  The quality of most images is very poor due to the failing light and the need for high ISO.  I have included them only because we took a different route on the way back to Kasane, making for the river and following it home.  Some of the images give an idea of activity along the Chobe River.

This dried up waterhole shows why all the animals make for the river during the dry season.

Dried Up Water Hole

This appears to be some sort of animal compound.  I wonder whether it is only used during the rainy season as there seems to be precious little to graze on at the moment.


Now we are close to the river and over the Caprivi Strip, part of Namibia.  This is a Namibian farmer’s herd of cattle.

Cattle Herd in the Caprivi Strip

This is a large herd of Zebra.

Zebra Herd

Here we can see the river winding away towards Kasane.


This boat appears to be a sort of ‘mobile floating safari camp’, on which tourists can stay while exploring the river’s wildlife.

Chobe River tourist boat.

A small river safari boat heading home before the sun sets.

Chobe River tourist boat.

Yet another boat large enough to stay on.

Chobe River tourist boat.

And here we are at Kasane Airfield.

Arrival at Kasane Airport

As we drove out of the airport we witnessed this rather excellent sunset.  As the sun was about to disappear, our driver quickly positioned the vehicle for us, so that we got the best position for the shot.  Didn’t he do well.

Kasane Sunset

The next post will take us on another river safari on the Chobe.  Please come back and have a look as there are some new sights to see.

The start of the story can be found here.


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