Botswana – Day 4: Chobe (Part 1)

We have now arrived at Day 4 of our stay in Botswana.  Not long really, but we have already seen some wonderful wildlife and some stunning views and thoroughly enjoyed our day in the Okavango Delta.  We are still staying at the Chobe Safari Lodge and taking game drives and river safaris from the lodge.  I am a little worried that our story may be getting a bit ‘samey’, but as this is also my record of the trip, I don’t really want to leave too much out either.

Today started with another river safari, which was to get quite exciting.  I might make you wait until a later post for that excitement though, as I want to feature some very nice little birds in this post, the Wiretailed Swallow.

Luckily I was sitting at the front of the boat on this trip.  Quite out of the blue, this little lady (I assume lady) landed on the deck carrying a feather in her beak.  She posed very nicely, apparently trying to show off her domesticity and nest building intent.

Wiretailed Swallow

A few seconds later, her mate appeared, initially demonstrating in no uncertain terms why they needed to build a nest.  Perhaps embarrassed by this public display of passion, he then settled alongside her, looking slightly sheepish.

Wiretailed Swallow

This sheepishness didn’t last long as he soon regained his macho self confidence and started posing himself.

Wiretailed Swallow

Wiretailed Swallow

I was of course discrete enough not to photograph the actual mating event, so as to spare the blushes of our little feathered friends.  If I’m honest, it was all over in a flash and I missed it.

Now throughout this story I have assumed that we have male and female subjects in my photos.  If that’s not the case, then the second bird made a bad mistake or hasn’t quite worked out his sexuality yet.

There is plenty more to come from this day’s wildlife experiences, so please come back to check.

To start at the beginning of this story, please click here.


19 thoughts on “Botswana – Day 4: Chobe (Part 1)

  1. Thank´s for visiting my blog, happy you like my pictures from Pamukkale 🙂
    What a sweet little bird you captured! I would love to go on a safari in Afica once, one of those things on my bucket list 🙂


    • My wife and I have only had one short holiday in Turkey so were interested in an area we hadn’t visited. If you visit Africa, it will get under your skin and you will want to return. We can’t wait to go back.


    • We hope to visit Kenya or Tanzania, or possibly return to the Kruger National Park in SA sometime in the next year(ish). We have also been to Namibia a few years back. Africa does get ‘in your blood’.


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