Botswana – Day 4: Chobe (Part 2)

Continuing with photos from Day 4 of our stay in Botswana, I would like in this post to follow the delightful Wiretailed Swallow with a rather less attractive bird.

These pictures are of the Whiteheaded Vulture.  It isn’t a pretty bird.  Is any vulture?  It is, however, worth a mention as it is one of the rarest vultures in southern africa.  We spotted a couple of birds, close together during this outing.  Perhaps male and female?

These vultures are hunters as well as scavengers.

Whiteheaded Vulture

Whiteheaded Vulture

We’ve been spotted.

Whiteheaded Vulture

Whiteheaded Vulture

The last photo is a good example of the translucent Nictitating Membrane which many animals have.  In raptors it is thought to provide protection when they attack their prey.  This one may just have been closing it to help spread the tear film.  I can only guess.

Whiteheaded Vulture

And they can fly.

I will post more from this outing soon, so please come back and take a look.  In the meantime, if you are new to this blog and are interested, you can find the start of this particular visit to Africa here.


4 thoughts on “Botswana – Day 4: Chobe (Part 2)

  1. Good pictures! OK, not a beautiful bird in the ordinary sense but, if beauty lies in function, this is certainly a very functional organism, very good at what it does >>> and if you carry on along this line, even the hyaena is beautiful! Adrian


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