Botswana – Day 4 (Part 5)

Continuing with Day 4 in Botswana, I have just a few more photos from the morning river safari.

The first three are of the tiny Malachite Kingfisher.  As you can see, I had problems focusing, perhaps because he was so small and had reeds close behind him, and maybe a bit of camera shake as well.

Malachite Kingfisher

Malachite Kingfisher

Malachite Kingfisher

And then my old friend the Pied Kingfisher, who crops up everywhere.

Pied Kingfisher

Pied Kingfisher

Pied Kingfisher

A Great White Egret.

Great White Egret

A Black Crake, nearly lost in the grass.

Black Crake

I’m fairly sure, but not certain, that the next two are of a Common Sandpiper.

Common Sandpiper

Common Sandpiper

A not so good picture of another Lilac Breasted Roller.

Lilac Breasted Roller

The beautiful African Fish Eagle.

African Fish Eagle

An African Darter, or Snakebird, drying its wings after swimming.

African Darter

And now a little more uncertainty.  The guide told us that this was a Purple Heron

Purple Heron

and that this was a Grey Heron.  He should know, but apart from the small colour difference, the markings look very similar.  (I now have it on good authority from an expert, that both the above birds are indeed Grey Herons.  Thanks Adrian.)

Grey Heron

A Sacred Ibis.

Sacred Ibis

An African Fish Eagle coming in to land.

African Fish Eagle

A busy Day 4 continues in the next post with yet another flight along the Chobe River.  Please come back and take a look.  The whole story of this trip to Africa starts here.


7 thoughts on “Botswana – Day 4 (Part 5)

  1. Good pictures, Dave, but, as you say, the Malachite Kingfisher ones for some reason don’t look right. Maybe its focusing. I >>> think <<>>magnificent<<< – maybe it should fill the frame – I can see that very very well in a square format! No, both are Grey Herons. Good stuff! Adrian


      • Apologies, my comment is mixed up >>> my fault! – the photo that could very easily go into square format, filling the frame, is the one of the Darter. By going square, you might cut off a bit of its tail, but I don’t think that will matter. What do you think? Its a superb photo. Adrian


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