Botswana – Day 4 (Part 6)

This Botswana post covers another flight, this one just a local flight over the Chobe River and floodplains.

After she felt a little poorly on the flight to the Okavango Delta, it may come as a bit of a surprise to hear that I managed to get Dee into an aircraft again on the following day.  This was non negotiable really, as we had already effectively paid for this ‘included’ sightseeing flight.  Dee’s potential motion sickness problem was overcome by everyone agreeing that Dee could sit ‘up front’ with the pilot.  The flight took place after this morning’s river safari and this post includes a few more aerial shots of the Chobe River and surrounding area.

The runway looks quite long from this angle.


Kasane airport from the air.

Kasane Airport

A small settlement next to the river.

Chobe River from the air

The winding river and its floodplains.

Chobe River from the air

A Namibian cattle herd in the Caprivi Strip.

Namibian Cattle Herd


Zebra Herd

More Namibian cattle.

Chobe River from the air

A small elephant herd or family.

Elephant Family

We saw this boat yesterday as well.  Where is everyone?  It seems deserted.

Safari Boat

Another elephant herd.

Elephant Herd

Chobe River from the air

This looks like another small lodge.


Another family of elephants.

Elephant Family

Dee’s happy on this flight.

Co-pilot Dee

Later in the day we will be off on another 4×4 game drive, so there will be a few pictures from that soon.  Please come and have a look.

Also, if you haven’t followed this trip from the start, and would like to, the first post from this trip to Zambia and Botswana can be found here.


10 thoughts on “Botswana – Day 4 (Part 6)

  1. Good pics, Dave! I particularly like the top one >>> I can see a mono version there, an arty abstract! >>> and maybe rotated 90 degrees clockwise! Also ‘Another family of elephants’ is a lovely shot – maybe cropped to the top of the bottom right tree or a little higher ie more letterbox format – and this pic reminds me very much of Tsavo. Adrian


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