Monochrome Chacma Baboon

A colour version of this fellow appeared in my last post.  Since I know that some readers are a bit partial to monochrome, and I thought that this one worked quite well in B&W myself, I thought I would share it.

Watching B&W

The colour version is also shown below.


Since drafting this post I have had more suggestions from my friend (I hope I can call him my friend) Adrian Lewis.  He suggested cropping this image to have the Baboon’s face filling the frame.  I did this in two stages.

First I cropped to a square format, thinking that this would be best.  I initially thought this would give the Baboon’s gaze more space within the frame.  It didn’t.

Baboon (Square crop)

Then I cropped it even tighter, which might be better.

Baboon (Severe crop)

You know, I think it is better.

As a bonus, I have also included these last two in monochrome as well.

Baboon B&W (Square crop)

Baboon Mono (Severe crop)

Any comments will be gratefully received.


5 thoughts on “Monochrome Chacma Baboon

  1. Fantastic portrait, I really like the detail in the fur. If you want to call more attention to his eyes, you might try dodging a small area, just around the eyes. With the structure of his eyebrows and the light coming from camera right, it would have been difficult to have the eyes be more prominent than they are.

    But that’s just a tiny suggestion. I really like it as it is and the black and white is an excellent choice.


    • Thanks for the comment. I did already lighten the eyes quite a bit on the original colour version, up to the point that I was worried about it starting to look unnatural. You are right, that with his heavy brow, it doesn’t allow much natural light to get in to the eyes. When I converted to B&W the problem returned a bit, and I can probably do a bit more work to advantage on the mono versions.


  2. Of course you can call me your friend! What a thing to say!!! >>> and this is certainly an interesting day looking for looking at your photo thoughts and essays.

    I agree with you – I think the 4th photo down has it – what a face and what a fierce gaze! An even tighter crop would leave the top and bottom margins where they are, and have the right margin just right of the animal’s left eye, and the left margin just left of the animal’s right nostril.

    And if we’re really going radical here, using this same colour image that we both think the best, I can see a letterbox format shot – leave the left and right margins where they are, and have the bottom margin just above the top of the whitish hair on the snout, and the top margin about half way down from where it is now to the eyes – these are the eyes of a fiendish being, a true devil – what do you think, Dave?

    They eyes are a very important part of this picture, and having them clearly visible – and in colour – is one reason why I prefer the colour versions to the monos.

    This is good and interesting stuff, Dave! Adrian


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