Christmas Tree Baubles

Here is a quick ‘follow up’ to my last post, where I said I was looking for a bit more Christmas Colour.

I had a few minutes to spare this afternoon, so I tried a few photos of the baubles and lights on our Christmas Tree.  I did at least manage to find some colour.

First off is what seems to be an unavoidable self portrait of myself and a friend.


A very old tree decoration which has been with us for years.


Some out of focus lights, which seem to be fashionable at the moment.


Some starbursts,


and I’m not sure how to describe this one, but it is a detail of the thing in the picture above.


I think that is it until after Christmas, so a Merry Christmas to everyone but don’t eat and drink too much.


17 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Baubles

  1. Beautiful pictures, Dave – and quite a departure for you! I like the top and bottom ones – but I think the pure abstract, 3rd down, does it best for me >>> but you probably knew I would say that!!! The bottom one could be an alien spaceship – getting somewhere into the realms of ET. Good stuff! Adrian


    • Thank you MariAnne. I’m flattered, although I don’t really think of my blogging as being at all ‘Versatile’. It’s all I can do to keep my head above water and produce new posts. I’m sure that by looking at your own Versatile Blogger post, I will be able to work out what to do next, though it might take a couple of days to achieve it. I hope that will be ok, and that there isn’t a deadline.

      Thank you once more for the nomination and your kind words. Dave


    • MariAnne, thank you again for the nomination. You will probably see that I have declined to accept it after 3 days of trying to get my head around choosing new nominees. I’m very sorry for this. It all happened at a busy time for me and I couldn’t deal with it properly. Thank yo for the nomination anyway. Dave.


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