Happy Landings

I was looking for something a bit seasonal, hopefully with a bit of Christmas Colour, but found this instead.  At least it was cold.

This isn’t a great shot, but it was one that I couldn’t resist a while back, when I saw this duck about to land on our frozen local reservoir.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get the follow up shot, but the bird was all over the place.  It’s a pity that the light was all wrong but I still thought it was worth grabbing.  I think it works best as a mono silhouette.

Happy Landings?

We could have some ‘Caption’ suggestions for this one.  My offering is “I hope the gritters have been out”.

The Mallard suffered no permanent injury from its crash landing, as far as I could see, in fact it may even have enjoyed the thrill of some winter sports.

I guess that I am going to be a bit busy for the next few days.  On that note then, I would like to wish all readers of this blog a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I hope that you come back to see some more soon.  The Footsteps of Livingstone story of Zambia and Botswana will be nearing the end.


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