Something completely out of the blue.  This shot was taken at the Africat Foundation at Okonjima in Namibia.  I’ve always liked it, probably because of the head on eye contact with this beautiful beast.


Sony DSC-H1, f4, 1/500 sec

While I am doing my Vietnam series, I will occasionally drop in an extra post like this.  It gives me some time to sort out the images from Vietnam.

Thanks for looking.


22 thoughts on “Cheetah

    • Thanks MariAnne. I think I would have chosen to blur the background more myself, but this was a few years ago in my pre DSLR days. With a small sensor camera, I didn’t really have much chance and it was probably taken on ‘auto’ anyway. It’s surprising how many people still seem to like it.


    • Not really so lucky. The Africat Foundation rescues and rehabilitates these animals. Some are in the early stages of rehabilitation, and are fed on a regular basis. As they mature, they are encouraged to hunt for themselves, before being returned to the outside wild. The reserve is fairly small, so they can usually find the animals fairly easily. This was a chance encounter though and I think this one was fending for itself. There are also some Leopards, and some of these are radio tagged to make them easier to find. I might drop a shot of one of these in sometime.


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