Greater Rhea

I’ve still not got the next Vietnam post ready, so here is another ‘blast from the past’.

This is a Greater Rhea, or Rhea Americana, taken soon after I bought my Olympus E-520.  I call him (or her) Smiler after Smiler in the TV series Last of the Summer Wine.  I thought the expression fitted.

It’s was a bit of a novelty shot with my, at the time, newly acquired 70-300 lens.  Sadly, I didn’t give myself enough DOF to keep its beak sharp.

Greater Rhea - Rhea americana

Olympus E-520, 70-300mm, f5.6, 1/400 sec.


19 thoughts on “Greater Rhea

    • Well I liked it Helen, because it was one of my first animal closeup shots, however, that was what the judge said when I entered it for a club comp. He was right, but it is the photographer who really has to like his own work, so I’m happy. Thanks.


      • Well he HAD to say something I suppose ! I have found responses to photos on my photomania blog really interesting and often helpful. I am learning a lot by paying attantion to which ones people like and their emotional responses…


      • Actually, most judges are pretty kind, and find something to like about all the images they judge, sometimes even the really bad ones. I’m sure that he quite liked this overall, but just pointed out this little deficiency. I do find opinions expressed here really valuable as well though. Competition judging is an interesting subject, which I might follow up a little more, by seeing how opinions here compare with those of competition judges for some of my other images.

        One thing is for sure, it is the overall first impressions of the viewer, and that of the photographer, that generally count the most. Thanks again to everyone for your comments.


  1. This may be a shaggy dog story, but Charles Darwin is reputed to have discovered that there were more than one species of rhea as he was tucking into one when the Beagle stopped off in South America.


  2. You are way too hard on yourself Dave!! Or maybe I’m just undiscriminating ? 🙂 But really, beak “not sharp” isn’t the first or even second or third thing I thought about here! Nice funny looking bird


  3. Good picture, Dave, and you’re beating yourself up too much about the unsharp beak – which is only very marginally so – if you hadn’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t have noticed it!

    And also >>> I’m a great Last Of The Summer Wine fan! I’ve been watching it for decades. I find it a very gentle and relaxing programme, no sex, violence, sensationalism or complicated plots, just simple, warm humour, following the sorts of lives that we would all like to enjoy – in a Yorkshire where it never rains! Sometimes I think I’ve got a bit of Compo’s character inside me. Adrian


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