Vietnam – Hanoi 3 – second day part 1

This is our second day in Vietnam and our first full day in Hanoi.  This post will cover the first part of our day’s tour of the city, quite a bit of which was specific to Ho Chi Minh.  I’m not going to write much about him as it is better to refer you to Wikipedia’s page which can be found here.  There is no doubt that Ho Chi Minh, or Uncle Ho as he is popularly known, is still greatly revered by the Vietnamese people.

Starting on a lighter note, you might remember that I said earlier, that the cities never sleep in Vietnam.  There is a continuous ‘buzz’ of motor scooters, day and night, as the population dashes from one enterprise to another, wheeling and dealing.  Free enterprise is certainly well established.  As soon as our tour bus pulled up outside the hotel, this young lady arrived on the back of a scooter, jumped off and waited to ambush us as we appeared, and sell us ‘tee shirts’.  It is all done very nicely though, with lots of smiles.  Just be aware that the initial asking price is at least twice what you should pay.  This girl was prepared to take no for an answer, but at the slightest sign of interest, would chatter non stop with alternative deals, all of which were too expensive.  Make an offer, and as long as it was reasonable, this got a result.

Good Morning Vietnam

Once we escaped this ambush, we were driven to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.  You have to be careful not to cross that ‘white line’.  If you do, a soldier quickly appears blowing a whistle and pointing to the line.  This next shot is of a young Vietnamese family being photographed in front of the mausoleum.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoeum

The guards, who have to be precisely matched in height.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoeum

Another young  Vietnamese couple, deep in thought as they ponder on Uncle Ho in his last resting place.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoeum

From the mausoleum, we walked to Ho Chi Minh’s House, via a number of other landmarks, one of which, the residence of the Governors General of French Indochina, seen below, is now a Communist Party guesthouse.  Ho declined to live here himself, stating that it now belonged to the people.  Instead he opted for the simple wooden house by the lake, which follows.  He worked and slept in this simple wooden house on stilts.  Meetings were held underneath it.  It is now an immaculately preserved tourist attraction.

French Colonial residence

Lake in front of Ho Chi Minh's house.

Ho Chi Minh's House

Ho Chi Minh's House office

Ho Chi Minh's House and Lake

The next two pictures are of a worker, probably a gardener looking after these public gardens.  I added the monochrome version as I thought it suited the subject well.

Vietnamese garden worker

Vietnamese garden worker

This is the back of the Mausoleum as we walked to the One Pillar Pagoda,

Ho Chi Minh Mausoeum

and this is the One Pillar Pagoda

One Pillar Pagoda

with Dee standing in front of it.  Take a look at the Wikipedia link to learn more.

One Pillar Pagoda

An orange coloured flowering tree nearby that I though was worth a snap.

Flowering Tree

We had a little time here, to look around the immediate area before going for lunch in a local restaurant.  After lunch, the tour of Old Hanoi continues by Cyclo, or Cycle Rickshaw, and will be the subject for the next post.  Please come back to take a look.

If you missed the first post on our tour of Vietnam, it can be found here.


14 thoughts on “Vietnam – Hanoi 3 – second day part 1

  1. Good and interesting pictures, Dave! That monochrome does suit the subject well. And I’m particularly struck by the final picture here – that’s very beautiful! The lighting is just right, and the colours of the leaves go very well with the flowers, and the placement of the two main masses of flowers is very good too. Adrian


  2. My wife and I were in Vietnam last year, travelling North / South over a period of four weeks. Such a beautiful country of which we’re soon hoping to return only next time I’d like to ride a push-bike through the country and really enjoy it. Nice post,.


    • Thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, our tour was a bit fast, but I don’t think we could manage cycling it at our age. Even your 4 weeks was more leisurely than ours, so I’ve really only scratched the surface. I’ve had a quick look at some of you Vietnam posts, which are very good, and make me want to get on with the story of our tour. The trouble is that it is being delayed by our preparation for the next holiday, to Sri lanka. I will finish one day.


      • So much of the world to see and so little time!!

        Thank you for your kind words re my vietnam posts. We had a year off (taking a cargo ship from London to Buenos Aires) and whilst we had a great time in S America it was Asia where we lost our hearts – its a place we will keep returing to.

        Good luck with your Sri Lanka planning – another place I need to see!


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