I haven’t posted anything for about a week.  This has been because all my spare time and energy has been taken up hunting for a car.  What with researching prices, travelling to look at cars, test driving and last but not least worrying about which one would be best for us, I am totally knackered; also the car is primarily for Dee, so it was essential that I got the decision right.  Thankfully the decision making phase is behind us now, however, I will probably still have a few sleepless before we collect the car, worrying about whether I did get it correct.

Anyway, that is my excuse for not posting, and also for falling a long way behind with reading and commenting on the blogs that I follow.

I’ll keep this post short.  Here is a fairly old photo that Dee and I have always liked, though I do know that not everyone agrees with us.  If you have the time, please feel free to comment, and voice any reservations that you may have.  I will probably follow up with a bit more about the image in a future post as it has already produced some interesting reactions.


In the meantime, I am trying to catch up on my reading, and my next post on Vietnam, that is until we collect our new wheels, when I might be distracted again for a bit.

Thanks for reading.


22 thoughts on “Rooftops.

  1. I LOVE this image. I think it’s my favourite so far of your images that I’ve viewed. Absolutely wonderful: the elevated view, the rows, the lichen – everything. It actually reminded me of the work of an artist I like: Rebecca Lardner – found here: Although her work is mainly seaside based, those rooftops and rows are similar.


    • Thanks Meanderer. I took a look at Rebecca Lardner’s work as suggested and you’re right, it is good. I’m going to write another post about this image in a day or two’s time, just to discuss some of its history since I took it. By the way, this is a seaside shot in Dorset, if you hadn’t already worked that out. Thanks again for your kind comments.


  2. I did the same thing a few weeks ago. Picked up my car 9 days ago. It is super stressful. Dealing with the salesmen was tough, but go through it. Didn’t get my first choice but I did get a good car that has heat and works. Good luck with it!


  3. Love this rooftop image! I have a love hate relationship with car buying…hate the sales push and research but love the test drives. You can do a car portrait series next 🙂 Good luck


    • Thanks HJ. Yes, there are roads, but the angle of the shot disguises this quite well. I think it’s better without the roads, and the vehicles that would also have been visible. As it was, I had to clone out a red van that was parked in front of the garage which can be seen in the lower left hand corner.


    • Thank you David. Painterly? I believe it is a word, but I hadn’t thought of this as such. Probably because I’m not very arty, if that’s a word. I’m going to revisit this photo soon with a few more notes about its history.


  4. Thta’s a nice photo, Dave, I like it a lot – and the colours are very good (esp the dull yellows) – it would not look so good in mono I think.

    As with many such photos of repeating patterns, it would look better if amongst all those roofs there was a single, quite different something, that really stood out and formed a focus in the picture. It might be a single much bigger building, a church with a tower for example, or something of a radically different colour like a bright red house, or an open green field, something like that. Hope this is useful – and that Dee likes her new car >>> if she doesn’t, we do bed and breakfast at quite reasonable rates! Adrian


    • Thanks Adrian. There was a red van parked outside the garage at lower left, but it really didn’t look right, so had to go. Thanks for your constructive comments. I won’t say any more now as I am going to revisit this image in another post very soon. Dee does like the car. Maybe some reservations about the colour, but it does look good. It’s really a new set of wheels for our joint retirements. Dave.


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