Cape Cross, Namibia

I haven’t posted anything for a few days.  Too many distractions again.

I thought that I might toss in a few more older photos.  Here is another shot from my pre DSLR days.  It was taken towards the end of a holiday that Dee and I took to Namibia in September 2006.  Having spent time in the extreme dry heat of inland Namibia, we arrived at Cape Cross on the Skeleton Coast where it was distinctly chilly and foggy.  The temperature dropped from over 40 deg C to about 18 deg C in one day of travelling.  The fog cleared and it warmed up a bit, so here is my view of the Atlantic.

Cape Cross, Namibia

I promise to get back to the Vietnam trip soon.  Please be patient.


7 thoughts on “Cape Cross, Namibia

  1. Another place on my list — I’ve long wanted to see the sand dunes here. Abt Vietnam…no worries 🙂 (look at me, months later and am still not finished w/Chile). Best wishes


    • But I am running into years with Vietnam. I struggle to remember the trip. That’s what makes it worthwhile though. The chance to revisit. Eventually, I will post more from Namibia as well. Maybe as short shots like this.


  2. Great spot, Cape Cross. Did you see (and more importantly smell!) all the seals?
    Namibia is surprising varied – I’d love to go back.


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