Welcome to Dino

Dee has named her (our) new wheels ‘Dino’.  This has been the cause of my sleepless nights over the last couple of weeks.  Picked it up today and took it for a good run down to the coast this afternoon.  Bearing in mind that the temperature didn’t get above about 3 deg C, with a brisk wind today, you could be forgiven for thinking this not a good start for an open top car.  It was in fact perfect.  The sun was shining and the heater is fantastic.  An all round good afternoon.  No real time for proper photos.  Just one to register the event.



11 thoughts on “Welcome to Dino

    • Since strictly speaking it is Dee’s car, she has made it a ‘he’. His name is derived in part from the registration plate, not strictly interpreted. Roof down weather is already here. It’s not raining!


    • The colour might come back to bite me. The other car (the workhorse) is a silver (Dee calls it grey) Vauxhall Astra, and Dee has always said we were never having another ‘grey’ car. This was one of my worries. Although there are plenty of second hand MX-5s around, reasonably priced, there’s not much of a range of colours available, so you have to go with the best you can find. This was it. Dee says she likes the colour on Dino (at the moment).


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