Vietnam – Hue 1

My last post was primarily about Ha Long Bay.  Afterwards we travelled back to Hanoi for the night, before rising early for our first internal flight, to Hue.  All together we were to do three internal flights during this tour.  Without these flights we would have spent much additional time travelling by coach or train, rather than experiencing the country of Vietnam.  As it turned out, the internal flight was pretty quick, with little time being wasted at the airports.  We were sightseeing again by quite early in the morning.

This was a random shot from the coach as we travelled from the airport into Hue.  Another well loaded bicycle.

Loaded Bike

Tuan, our Tour Manager, had decided that our first stop of the day was to be Dong Ba Market.  This was a place where almost anything was being bought and sold.  I’m afraid that I didn’t get many photographs here as it was very busy and I needed to concentrate on not loosing Dee.  A search online should find some more information about the market.

The next three shots were taken as we left the market to board our coach.

Traders at Dong Ba Market

Outside Dong Ba Market

Outside Dong Ba Market

After checking in to the Hotel Saigon Morin, we took the opportunity to cross the road and stroll by the Perfume River.  We survived the road crossing here quite easily, as there wasn’t much traffic.

A tourist Dragon Boat on the Perfume River.  These boats are not like the ‘man powered’ Dragon Boats that are used for racing in some parts of the East.  They are purely used for tours on the Perfume River.

Tourist Dragon Boat

A couple of ‘working boats’ on the river.

Working Boats

The lack of freeboard on this boat is very noticeable.  The consequences of an unexpected wave, or wake from another boat, might just be a problem.


Here is another smaller Dragon Boat.

Dragon Boat

After lunch we set off for a visit to the tomb of Tu Duc.  On the way  we saw a lady demonstrating how to make the Vietnamese ‘conical hat’, with Tuan explaining the process.  A variety of Vietnamese craft products were for sale here.

Hat Making Demonstration

These products included Vietnamese art like this.

Vietnamese Art

This little lad was fascinated by us as we climbed back into out coach.

Vietnamese Mother and Son

I’ll leave Tu Duc’s Tomb until the next post.  Please come back to check it out.

The beginning of this tour can be found here.


5 thoughts on “Vietnam – Hue 1

    • Thank you Lesley. I’m pretty sure that the yellow tones are due only to the fairly low sun and a layer of dust or sand. There was no colour manipulation. We also enjoyed the trip a lot, finding the history of the country very interesting. I’m only about a third of the way through the story of our tour and I’m finding it difficult to make time to finish it at the moment. I will though.


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