The Screw

A while back I was hunting around in my garage, looking for anything that I could photograph for a club competition which was themed as ‘mechanical’.  I found a number of items and took a few photos, but in the end wasn’t happy that any were suitable for a competition, so I entered the ‘open’ category instead.

One of the items that I found was an old ‘g’ cramp, and this close up of the thread was one of the images.  It was terrible in colour, but I think it is a little better in B&W.  It’s still nowhere near competition material, but I quite like the strong contrast between the two sides of the thread.  Although the bright side is close to being burned out, it still yields some texture and I think the dark tones on the other side of the thread balance this fairly well.

The Screw

It might still be a bit boring though.


10 thoughts on “The Screw

  1. In attempting this kind of picture it might pay to try and bring a defined shadow to give depth to the image. But then again have no shadow visible at all as it could be seen as distracting by 134% of judges.


  2. Hi Dave! I don’t think its boring and I wouldn’t worry about the near burning out of the highlights either >>> and I very much like the shadow that is to the right of the screw – to me this really helps the picture >>> and especially so in that the bottom right corner of the frame is bright again, ie we get to see the width of the screw’s shadow – the picture would not be so good if the entire bottom right corner was dark. Adrian


    • Thank you Adrian. I’m not sure whether it was luck or judgement that kept that shadow intact. I know I took a while to decide on a crop that I liked for the screw thread, so I’ll claim judgement! Dave.


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