Vietnam – Hue 2: Tu Duc’s Tomb

My last post saw our arrival in Hue.  After lunch, we set off to visit the tomb of the Emperor Tu Duc, and this post includes a few images from that visit.

Tu Duc’s tomb is just one of a number of Royal tombs just outside Hue.  It was built between 1864 and 1867.  Tu Duc’s reign was not a happy one, it being clouded by considerable civil unrest which you can read about on Wikipedia.  Towards the end of his life, Tu Duc retreated into this tomb complex which he made his home, and where he spent his time composing poetry.

After entering the tomb complex, one of the first sights is the Xung Khiem Pavilion, on the bank of Luu Khiem Lake, which can be seen below.  This is a pleasure pavilion where the Emperor wrote poetry accompanied by his concubines.

Xung Khiem Pavilion

The next few photos were taken in this area, though I can’t remember exactly where.  I couldn’t find out what the apparent photo shoot in the next picture was either.

Photo Shoot?


Stairway to Heaven?

We entered the Hoa Khiem Palace complex via the steps seen below.

View of the Lake, the Xung Khiem Pavilion and the Du Khiem boat landing from the Palace courtyard.

The next two shots were taken within the Palace Complex.

The Palace Complex at Tu Duc's Tomb.

The Palace Complex at Tu Duc's Tomb.

From there we went on to the forecourt of the Necropolis, where the Honor Guard can be seen.

Honor Guard

The final three shots are of the Stele Pavilion and one of the two towers that flank it.  The stele is a 22 ton stone tablet inscribed with the emperor’s biography.  Because he had no son, Tu Duc wrote this himself and covered both the best and the worst of his life.

Stele Pavilion - Emporer Tu Duc's Tomb

One of two towers that flank the Stele Pavilion at Tu Duc's Tomb.

One of two towers that flank the Stele Pavilion at Tu Duc's Tomb.

More information on the Tomb of Tu Duc can be found here.

That’s it for today in Hue.  The next post will cover more sights from Hue.  Please come back to take a look.

If you missed the start of this tour of Vietnam, the first post in the series is here.


13 thoughts on “Vietnam – Hue 2: Tu Duc’s Tomb

    • Thank you for looking at, and deciding to follow, my blog. I’m glad that it reminded you of your own travels. I’m sure that reading more of your posts will do the same for me, as well as identify options for future travel. Long journeys are getting tougher for me though, as age creeps onwards. A recent visit to Sri Lanka drove this view home. It was very ‘full-on’.

      That trip, and an abundance of work at home and in the garden since we returned has meant that photography and blogging have taken a ‘back seat’ for a while. I hope to get going again soon though, so please keep an eye open for the continuation of the Vietnamese trip. Thanks again for following.


      • My pleasure!

        Sharing ideas is indeed one of the thrills of blogging, isn’t it? I’m glad our travels can inspire each other!

        My dear piano teacher Erna (whom I profiled on my blog, under my archives tab) traveled overseas even at age 99. Inspiring!

        I shall look forward to seeing more of your posts – off to check out your images from Cuba now.


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