Me and my Dad

I took this in Lyme Regis a while back.  There’s nothing exceptional about it at all.  I just liked the closeness between the little girl and her Dad as they sat on the harbour wall.  I hope they didn’t mind me taking the photo.

Me and my Dad

On another note though, I have struggled recently to post, read and comment at the rate I would like to.  This has been because of other distractions which unfortunately are going to continue for a couple more weeks at least.  I will, therefore be taking a break for a bit.  I will be back and I will finish the Vietnam story.  I’m sorry to anyone who has been waiting for the next installment.  It will come eventually.


4 thoughts on “Me and my Dad

  1. Lovely picture! Do not worry Dave, you should not feel duress when blogging, do it at your leisure nobody is rushing you. Enjoy your life, have fun! 🙂


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