Sutton Bingham Reservoir Walk

Last night, a group from the camera club took a guided walk around part of the shore of Sutton Bingham Reservoir.  The weather was dry but breezy and initially I thought the light was not great, though this did improve towards the end of the evening.  There was a good turnout for the walk, almost certainly because the weather was so much better than we have had for a while.  Those that wore boots definitely benefitted from them since there were a few damp and muddy patches.

From a photographic point of view, I think many of us probably returned a bit disappointed, mainly because of the breeze and partly because of the failing light.  Just to show that I did use my camera, here are a few fairly poor shots just to show that there was some potential for photography.  I’m sure that many Club members will have produced far better images from the walk.

You can see from these photos that there were masses of daisies.

YCC Sutton Bingham Walk 9

YCC Sutton Bingham Walk 1

There were also quite a few orchids.  I think this one is a Common Spotted Orchid, though I’m not an expert and will be happy to be corrected.

YCC Sutton Bingham Walk 3

YCC Sutton Bingham Walk 4

YCC Sutton Bingham Walk 5

On the way back to our cars, we had become somewhat spread out, mainly because we spent some time trying to find decent photos.

YCC Sutton Bingham Walk 6

YCC Sutton Bingham Walk 7

Proof that we were by the reservoir, which I haven’t seen so full for a long while.  In fact the recent rains have filled it to the brim.

YCC Sutton Bingham Walk 8

Low light and and the breeze spoiled this fly on a rose shot for me because of the wide aperture required.

YCC Sutton Bingham Walk 10

This seemingly pointless shot was taken because some of us were initially wondering whether the surface of the water was covered with leaves or some sort of weed.  In fact they were willow leaves which had been blown into an area of sheltered water, and I thought that with the right light there might be some potential for a ‘pattern’ image.

YCC Sutton Bingham Walk 11

Daisies against a water background made a change.

YCC Sutton Bingham Walk 12

YCC Sutton Bingham Walk 13

YCC Sutton Bingham Walk 14

This is the home of the local Canoe Club.

YCC Sutton Bingham Walk 15

YCC Sutton Bingham Walk 16

This is one for Dee, who really hates snails.  I thought it was rather nice, probably because it was very small and not in my garden.

YCC Sutton Bingham Walk 16

And finally this was back at the car park and picnic area.

YCC Sutton Bingham Walk 17

By this time the sky was starting to look more promising.


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