Purbeck Sunshine

Since after a couple of half decent summer days, the weather forecast was to return to a winter climate, we thought it sensible to defer the chores for a while longer, and have a second day out on the trot.  The weather charts seemed to suggest a trip to the Isle of Purbeck as being our best bet.

We decided to revisit Durlston Head, near Swanage.  We hadn’t been for a while and were quite surprised to discover how much work had been done on Durlston Castle.  I think it has improved the area, though it is clearly very different from the Victorian building that it originally was.  It is now the centrepiece of a visit to Durleston Head and houses a new Visitor Centre, various exhibitions, a cafe and some excellent toilets.  We have always liked this Country Park and the recent work has done nothing to change that.

Actually, before looking at the photos it is worth looking at this Wikipedia link about Durlston Castle, which was actually never a real castle, it having been originally built as part of a tourist attraction.

That’s enough of the Castle.  We came out in search of some sun and fresh air.  Both were present in abundance, as can be seen from the following photos.

The first shot was taken looking towards the Isle of Wight from one of the new viewing platforms on the ‘Castle’.

Distant Isle

Next is a view down on the Great Globe, which was also another historic part of the Durlston Estate.

The Great Globe from Durlston Castle

While I was descending from the upper parts of the castle, I spotted ‘Royalist‘, a Sea Cadet sail training brig, approaching the headland.  I love sailing boats and ships so just had to take a photo, even though my 70-300mm lens has suddenly lost the ability to focus correctly.


A view north, towards Poole and Bournemouth

Looking North

Having descended towards The Great Globe, we can take a closer look at it.  It was carved in Greenwich in 1887, before being brought here by sea.

The Great Globe

The Great Globe

Walking in a southwesterly direction along the coast path you immediately see the Anvil Point lighthouse.

Anvil Point Lighthouse

Anvil Point Lighthouse

Anvil Point Lighthouse

The two attached cottages are available as hiliday lets.

Trinity House Cottages

Looking back towards Durlston Head, the excavations that form the Tilly Whim caves can be seen.  These caves were limestone quarries, predominantly worked during the 18th century.  Please see Wikipedia for more information.  Although the entrances are quite small, the workings go back a considerable way.  The caves are closed to the public, but it didn’t take long to find a link to a site containing additional information and photos of these caves, including some photos of the interior.  I hope that Digital Noise Photography will not mind me linking to their excellent post on Tilly Whim, so that others can enjoy their work.

Tilly Whim Caves

Tilly Whim Caves

Whilst walking back down this path I spotted a discarded plastic water bottle dumped by the path.  This prompted me to produce a rant on the subject of litter dumping which can be found here.

As we continued our return to the car a couple more boats passed by close to the cliffs.

The ‘rib’ seemed to be a sight seeing cruise,

Joy Ride?

and this appeared to be a fishing boat returning to port in Swanage.

Back to Port

This last shot of The Great Globe was prompted by the splashes of ‘red’ worn by these women.  A splash of red is always good.  Right?

Red around the Globe

And finally a couple of shots of the Isle of Wight as we returned to our car.




10 thoughts on “Purbeck Sunshine

  1. Not at all familiar with this part of the world, Dave, but I don’t think they’ve got those lovely blue skies now. I love sailing ships too. Nice appetiser. Just hopping back to check out Digital Noise. Cheers!


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