Why do they do it?

A few days ago we were taking a pleasant walk along the coast path near the Tilly Whim Caves, when we came upon another example of the completely mindless stupidity of some of the inhabitants of our planet.  Why did some idiot just dump this empty plastic water bottle, to pollute our beautiful coast forever, or until someone with a little more sense and conscience picked it up?  This is a problem the world over, and sometimes it can be much, much worse than this example, I know.  This particular example stood out to me at the time because, having not walked this path for a while, I was generally pleasantly surprised at how clear of litter it was.

I have been brought up to never drop litter and rubbish, but to always take it home.  It’s not difficult.  Why cannot everyone adopt this practise.

Why Do It!

Yes, I did pick it up and take it to the recycling bin back at the Visitor Centre.


12 thoughts on “Why do they do it?

  1. That’s one of my pet peeves as well, usually due to laziness on the part of the person responsible for dumping the trash. Even worse are the pathetic morons who feel the need to leave their “mark” on the world by vandalizing things such as trail markers and signs.


    • Sadly, society doesn’t seem to want to address this problem. I guess cost is the reason. I remember when I was a lad, that many lamp posts had notices on them threatening prosecution of those that dropped litter, referring to local by-laws that specifically listed it as an offence. I certainly saw those notices as a deterent.


  2. As you said it happens all over the world, I’ve traveled plenty and you find garbage in everyplace, all kinds of refuse. I’ve been places where you have garbage bins avery 100 ft and still you find garbage scattered around. It’s a shame!
    Question: Those caves look manmade, were they carved or natural, perhaps only the entrances were manmade?


  3. I can’t agree more. And it’s particularly sad when I see it in natural surroundings, where people come to hike and trek… and dump their garbage. Very sad.


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