Richard’s Garden

It was another of our Camera Club’s informal ‘Summer’ meetings last night and by recent standards, the weather was pretty good.  Last night we were invited to the house and garden of one of our members.  There are three things in particular that are really worth saying about Richard.  Number 1 is that he is a very good photographer, number 2 is that he has a really beautiful and densely packed garden, and number 3 is that he always puts on superb food for his annual invitation.  Probably the last two are the reasons why the event is always so well attended.

Here are a few photos of his plants, taken before getting stuck in to his marvelous food.  Richard was apologetic that due to this year’s weather, most of his flowers were past their best, or yet to come out.  Regardless of this, his garden was still beautiful.

I’m not going to write many words in this post because my knowledge of flowers is pretty poor.  The photos are nothing special, but hopefully they give some idea of how lovely this garden is.

Richard's Garden 1

Richard's Garden 2

Richard's Garden 3

Richard's Garden 4

Richard's Garden 5

Richard's Garden 6

Richard's Garden 7

Richard's Garden 8

Richard's Garden 9

Richard's Garden 10

Richard's Garden 11

Richard's Garden 12

Richard's Garden 13

Richard's Garden 14

Richard's Garden 15

Richard's Garden 16

Richard's Garden 17

Richard's Garden 18

Richard's Garden 19

Richard's Garden 20

Richard's Garden 21

Richard's Garden 22

Richard's Garden 23

Richard's Garden 24

Richard's Garden 25

There will have been many better images made by my fellow club members on this pleasant evening, but this is the best that I could achieve.  That’s it until the next time.


30 thoughts on “Richard’s Garden

  1. These are lovely Dave. As others have said, why put yourself down?! Enjoy your photographs rather than set yourself a scientific standard. Let your creative spirit breathe!


    • Oh to have some creativity. Thanks anyway. I think I quite like flower photography because they don’t run away, and thankfully we were blessed with a fairly still evening, at least by recent standards.


  2. Beautiful pictures, Dave – the 2nd one down really gets to me – the angle you’ve taken the flower at, together with having it coming out of the bottom right corner – are perfect. And the blurred background with its whites, yellows and greens and soft mosaic texture is absolutely just right! A sparkling and extremely beautiful image!

    And I like the 11th down too, with the bee hovering in front of the bank of blue flowers – very nice! Adrian


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