Castle Drogo

Last Thursday saw us take a stroll, well maybe a bit more than a stroll, with some good friends around a circular trail in the Teign Valley Gorge.  I’m not sure of the distance walked but there was quite a lot of altitude change and we were walking or resting for about four hours in total.  We were very lucky with the weather with a good deal of fairly warm sunshine, in fact it was just about ideal for walking.

This post isn’t going to show all the photos from the walk but there are just a couple of Castle Drogo which stands sentry above the valley.  This National Trust property is not really a ‘pretty’ castle but it is well known for being the last castle to be built in England.  It enjoys some superb views over Dartmoor.  I’ve not yet looked around the castle but will return soon to do that, probably with some more photographs.

Castle Drogo

Castle Drogo


2 thoughts on “Castle Drogo

  1. Hi Dave, just a quick look around your blog reveals some tasty shots. The first one here just grabbed my attention…. It might just be that it’s a classic sort of shot of a castle, but it really appeals to me with its lovely gentle sky, muted colours and it’s simplicity as a composition.
    Regards, John.


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