I’m afraid that I have always been a bit lazy when it comes to carrying a tripod, and since we were expecting to be walking for a while, I made no exception to this rule on this occasion.  We were walking with friends in the Teign Valley Gorge, when we came upon this weir on the River Teign.  I thought that I had to try to capture the water movement and, for a moment, regretted not being a committed photographer who would have thought nothing of the extra weight of a tripod on his back.  Still, I had to have a go and this is the result.  The water was going to be blurred anyway!


Olympus E-520 with ZD 12-60mm at 20mm ,ISO 100, 1/10 sec at f22.

26 thoughts on “Tumbling

  1. I’ve never used a tripod and this image goes to show one doesn’t need to have one. Wonderful photograph! Who wants to be a ‘committed’ photographer with the weight of a tripod on his or her back?! 🙂 Way to go!


      • 🙂 My other half bought a second hand one for me thinking I ought to be using one! I keep saying I will use it one day and maybe I will but ……….


  2. This is awesome! I can’t believe no tripod was used on this? What was the shutter speed? It looks as if you did a long exposure with a ND filter.. but I guess not? Very nice work!


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