Threatening Weather

I’ve just been hunting through my archives in search of a particular photo, which so far I have failed to find, when I stumbled on these images taken two years ago.  They were shot close to the Cerne Giant in Dorset.  I wasn’t very impressed by them at the time, and on that day I was more concerned with whether we were in for a soaking before we completed the walk.

Looking back I can at least see that an English summer has often been known to throw up the occasional storm, though perhaps not as frequently as this year.  I’m not sure why, but I think that I find that I appreciate these shots more today, than I did when I took them.

Before the storm?



I think that the simplicity of colour in those with the wheat field foreground against the storm clouds appeals, but I don’t know which composition I prefer.  Perhaps the landscape rather than the square crop.



10 thoughts on “Threatening Weather

    • I agree with that as an option Terry, in fact I do tend to bias towards ‘letterbox’ crops for landscapes. The reason I didn’t with this one was to retain some of the foreground detail of the crop.


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