St George’s Church

This blog has been going now for about a year, albeit with some interruptions.  One of the problems for an old codger like me, is remembering whether I have already posted photos and then, having forgotten that I have, post them again.  I guess that the safest remedy for this is to always post new material.  Well I’m sorry, but I have a lot of old material that I would like to share, so the risk continues.

However, for today’s post I will roll out some that were actually taken today.

Today we were promised some sun, so we thought that a trip to the coast was in order.  In fact, the sun was still in short supply until we had been there for a while, but it did brighten up in the end.  We had decided to potter down to Portland, and since it juts out into the English Channel a bit, it does often see different weather from the rest of the mainland.  So it was this afternoon.

For this post I have chosen some images of St George’s Church on the Isle of Portland.

St George's Church, Portland

Services are now only held twice a year, on St George’s Day and on Christmas Day.  The church yard is gloriously unkempt and a haven for insects and butterflies.  It is also rather photogenic.

St George's Church, Portland

St George's Church, Portland

Sometimes I get the feeling that a monochrome treatment might be worth a try and so, here goes for a couple of these.

St George's Church, Portland

St George's Church, Portland

I like the last one.  Which do you prefer?


21 thoughts on “St George’s Church

    • Thanks Cocomino. I’m glad I included it. I thought that maybe there was a bit too much sky, but we haven’t seen much ‘blue sky’ in recent months so put it in for the novelty value. In truth, it was it was to show the extent of the church’s graveyard.


  1. As usual your pictures are worthy of thought and comment, you ask a question? I prefer the two coloured shots in preference to the mono simply because I think photography is primarily about what you see. The importance then depends on the viewpoint you choose and the story you wish to communicate.


    • Thanks Terry. Sometimes we use B&W just to salvage a dodgy shot, but sometimes I think it can actually add to an image, or at least present it in a manner that makes the viewer look at it in a different way. I don’t disagree with your basic sentiment though.


  2. Nice series Dave. I think the last of the two mono photos is the better one. It has foreground interest then the eye is led through the grasses to the church in the distance. Plenty of depth to the image.


    • Thanks Lauren. The last one is doing pretty well for votes. My ‘old codger’ reference was purely a reference to my advancing years, which seem to be advancing ever faster. Dave


  3. Super images Dave. I love the colour ones and that beautiful sky – it’s wonderful to see! I also like the B&W versions but – like you – I’m in need of Summer colour at present!


  4. All fabulous images Dave – I do have a preference for the second colour shot of the graveyard. I really like the lines of the grass and the contrast of colours brings out the gravestone


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