Didn’t get to Lulworth

Actually, we had no intention of walking to Lulworth.  We were just out for a late Sunday afternoon stroll, starting from the National Trust car park at Ringstead, on the Dorset coast.  It was a week to go before the start of the Olympic sailing in Weymouth Bay and it was somehow quite comforting to see HMS Bulwark, quietly patrolling the bay, to keep the baddies away.  This first image is a wide shot of the bay with HMS Bulwark seen on the left and the Isle of Portland in the distance.

The Bay

We were here for a walk, but I couldn’t help spotting the arable crops starting to turn colour in our newfound summer sun, and thought it must be worth a snap.

Fields of Gold

The title for this post comes from the fact that we had just passed a ‘milestone’ proclaiming the fact that it was 5 miles up this track to get to West Lulworth.  We had no intention of walking all the way, especially as we would have had to walk back to get the car.  The track, with other walkers ahead of us, and the barn were, however, worth another snapshot.

The Walk

The parallel tracks through the wheat were what demanded this next shot though.

Fields of Gold

I also thought this thatched barn with resident guardians might make a picture.

The Barn

We didn’t go far and this shot of the rolling Dorset fields was taken just before we turned around to walk back to the car.

Dorset Fields

As we arrived back at Ringstead, the reassuring sight of HMS Bulwark was still present in the bay, still barely making steerage way.

Olympic PatrolI’ve always liked this part of the Dorset coast.  It is often very windy, but on this occasion, there was just a gentle warm breeze and most importantly, the sun was shining.


4 thoughts on “Didn’t get to Lulworth

    • Thanks Terry. One thing I was aware of when taking some of these shots, was the number of photographers who had been there before me, evidenced by the trampled grass up to the fence or hedge.


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