They’re Off

Well, the Games of the XXX Olympiad are now officially under way.  The next couple of weeks will see tears of joy and sadness wept by many, many people, both athletes and family, and by the world’s public as a whole.  I don’t have any tickets to the games, but I will be following the sport, probably by watching the daily highlights on TV.

We did watch the Opening Ceremony last night because one of our sons was a volunteer and we had a vain hope of spotting him on camera.  So far we haven’t, but maybe after a few replays of the recording, we might.

Anyway, we are are big fans of this type of sporting event, so good luck to Team GB at London 2012.

I’d like to be able to post a great athletics shot to celebrate.  I don’t have any, so will have to make do with a cycling shot taken during the Tour of Britain in 2009.  I don’t even know who the rider is.

It gives me the opportunity to wish Mark Cavendish well for the road race this morning.

Road Racer


8 thoughts on “They’re Off

    • Thank you very much. It was about the only decent shot that I got of the event and was a lesson, that if you are not set up correctly before the riders arrive, then you have no chance, as they are all past in the blink of an eye.


  1. The BBC Television coverage will be pretty good. The only ‘live’ sport I will see is perhaps some of the sailing in Weymouth Bay, and that will be ‘long distance’ viewing.


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