The Olympic Sailing Starts

We went down to the Dorset coast to take a look at the opening day of the Olympic Sailing.  It was great weather for sailing, it being mostly sunny and with a good wind.  We didn’t have any £55.00 tickets to watch it from the Nothe Gardens in Weymouth, so we went for the National Trust Car Park at Ringstead.  This was free for us, being National Trust members, and gave us the advantage of being able to go for a good walk while we were there. 

It being 2-4 miles from the action, it was a bit of a challenge to follow, but with good binoculars was possible, just.  It was, however, even more of a challenge for me to get any decent photographs with my kit, especially because I was shooting ‘contre-jour’ into a bright sun reflected off the water.  I guess that I should have tried a polariser, but forgot to take one.

I’ve included a few rather poor photos just to prove that we were there.

The first few are of the Star fleet, though it is hard to tell,

Olympic Sailing 1

with some spectator’s cars in the foreground in the next one.

Olympic Sailing 3

Olympic Sailing 5

Olympic Sailing 6

The Finn fleet stayed on the other side of the bay and are pretty hard to see in the following photo.

Olympic Sailing 7

Next we have a shot of some of the guardians of the Olympic Sailing in HMS Bulwark, supported by one of its Merlin helicopters.

Olympic Guard 2The last shot from this series is across the bay, looking towards Portland.  By this time the racing was over and many of the spectator’s cars had left.

Weymouth Bay

This was pretty poor photography but serves as a reminder for me that I was there.


7 thoughts on “The Olympic Sailing Starts

    • Photographic Memories were a large part of reason why I started taking photographs over 50 years ago. Today, digital photography helps us generate so many ‘memories’ that it is becoming difficult to keep track of them. When I compare this with my shoeboxes full of prints and slides, perhaps its not so bad though.

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